Discovering The Best Shisha Flavor


Popularity of hookah or shisha has increased a lot in America during the past couple of years. The young generation has found shisha to be a lot more refreshing and entertaining than cigarettes. Cigarettes come in a large variety of flavors too, but shishas provide more experimentation options. Addition of some liquor into the base can give help produce intoxicating vapors. For example, rum along with coconut flavored tobacco is a mind blowing combination.

If you want to enjoy the most out of your shisha and find the best shisha flavor, then you will have to try a number of flavors in different ways. Fruit lovers enjoy making fruit smoothies like peach schnapps along with banana flavor. Liquor should be used carefully with shishas, as you often don't know the amount of alcohol inhaled. Orange, apple, mango or mixed fruit juices can also be used in the base to add a myriad of flavors to tobacco. Thick juice will lead to thicker smoke, and stronger flavor. Cold fluids will generate cold smoke that is easy to inhale, for this you can add some ice into the base. So, shishas provide never ending experimentation options.

Hookah lounges are quite expensive, and they charge the premium price for giving unique hookah flavors. Brand conscious people may be attracted to these premium flavors, but you can make all the fancy flavors yourself, so why pay the extra price? Apple is considered the best shisha flavor by most youngsters. If you want to make the apple flavor feel more realistic then try using a hollow apple in place of the bowl. Place the apple on top of the stem and spray tobacco in circles around the inner walls. Cover the apple with foil and place a normal sized coal on top of it. This unique combination will deliver the most authentic apple flavor. Similarly you can use other fruits to add a more natural flavor, or form a cocktail by mixing different flavors.

While preparing for a get-together you will normally spend all the time in preparing several cuisines and decorating your home, but totally ignore shisha which keeps your chitchat lively all night long. The best shisha flavor is the one that is thick, feels natural and casts a long lasting impact on memory. You should experiment with different shisha flavors, base fluids and even replace the bowl with an apple or a coconut. Apple, cappuccino, apple-mint, watermelon, jasmine, vanilla, lemon, peach, chocolate, strawberry, honey, coffee, raspberry, blackcurrant and coconut are some of the most commonly used shisha flavors. For a twist, you can handover similarly flavored drinks to your guests.

Shisha flavor is all in the heat. You need to ensure that you use the right coal and ignite it well. Commonly used coals include self lighting coals, lemon wood coal logs, and charcoal bricks. The coal should be lit up very well, otherwise the flavor and smoke remains pretty weak. The best shisha flavor can only be enjoyed if you use the right coal. Self lighting coals are a good option for being used in cool breeze or even during the rain when there is a lot of humidity.

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